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Win an AMR for 4 months

Get the chance to win $500 and 4 months with a fully configured mobile robot.

All you have to do is take part in the 5-minute questionnaire asking for your thoughts on the latest advances in internal logistics. And, of course, we guarantee that all your answers are anonymous.

Complimentary report

When you submit your answers, we’ll compile all the survey results and send you a report. Not only will you see how your company measures up to your competitors. You’ll also see how you could gain a competitive advantage with a set of practical tools for improving your company’s productivity, operational efficiency and bottom line.

So, you can find a better way to navigate the future

“The bar is rising too fast to play incremental catch-up”

Thomas Visti, CEO, MiR

Recognize your challenge – and find a better way for your company

While new technologies are creating new roles, jobs and wealth, they are also creating disruption. On an unprecedented scale. It’s all moving so fast. And it’s moving fastest of all in the US. We’d like to hear your views on these changes. How they are affecting your industry. Your customers. And your business.

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